Mittens Wins NH

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  1. Early returns/projections by AP show:

    Huntsman 17%

    Rick S.-10%
  2. Paul beat Huntsman,Santurum,Perry and Newt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    More gay emoticons. Give it a break already.

    Santorum really tanked, tied with Gingrich. I guess it was just an Iowa thing for him.
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    They say it's genetic...I don't know though.

  5. Paul beat Huntsman,Santurum,Perry and Newt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    I know that really hurts your feelings since you would rather all of them over Paul.Heck you(the supposed conservative) said you would rather Obama over Paul

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    I suspect an individual that derives such childish pleasure from being a annoying asshole is someone who has no achievment in any other area of life. Someone who lacks any accomplishment and no hope of ever really doing anything notable might find being a gabfly, erm I mean gadfly, to be a sort of weak surrogate for real achievment.

    Y'know, just a very small person. On the internet such a creature can cause consternation without being subject to real-life consequence.

    No matter.

    I saw Ron Paul did pretty well. He isn't just fading away like the pundits predicted. There seems to be a real constituency there.
  7. I say a guy who tries to ruin every thread by trying to start flame wars with me is the annoying asshole :)
  8. Now the real test for Ron Paul begins. He is not polling well in either SC or Fl but Fl may go proportional so that is a plus. If he can finish second or third in one or both he'll keep his momentum going into Nevada (which he placed second in in 2008, his highest finish).

    He is in this for the long haul and like 3770 alluded to, there is a real constituency coalescing around Ron Paul. If the lower tier candidates like Santorum, Gingrich, Perry, Huntsman, et al want to defeat Obama, and wish to provide their party a strong Conservative alternative to 'Mitt the Flip-BigGov', they should leave the race immediately and support Ron Paul.
  9. DAS, it's Mittens. For your own sake, please don't expect anything more.
  10. Oh it's a long shot for anyone else, but given the stakes I'll keep the faith at least a little while longer. Change takes time and if all Ron Paul succeeds in doing is exposing the bias of the corporate media while giving voice to the ideas of a constitutionally limited government, fiscal discipline, civil liberties, etc, it will have been a major victory. In fact, it already is. The 'debate' now includes ideas and positions unthinkable 4 years ago. We have Ron Paul to thank for that.

    In 2016 we have Rand and Gary to choose from so I still have hope for change. One of them will inherit the grass roots organization that Ron Paul generated ad they will be light years ahead of the competition. Mitt will probably get the nomination and lose to Obama. I doubt the GOP puts him up for another bid. They did everything in their power this go around to find an alternative and failed, so there will be a vacuum. In the meantime, libertarians are not going anywhere and our ranks continue to swell (once people are able to grasp the ideology).
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