Mittens: The the Ultimate One Percenter

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  1. What a scumbag he is! I can't believe someone would actually go out and earn a financially successful living for himself.

    Better to sit in a park, do drugs, spread disease, scream at the gainfully employed passers by, and wait for the government to take care of us!
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    Max E.

    What is even funnier is that you are stupid enough to believe that these attacks about what he is worth are going to kill, or even do any kind of legitimate damage to Romney. The biggest problem facing Romney if anything is probably his tax rate, not hs net worth. You are just buying into the far left/MSNBC opinion, and accepting it as reality.

  3. Realistically, Mittens is just as despised as Hopey. The problem is that people have a gun to their heads and told to choose between A-hole #1 or A-hole #2.
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    False alternatives fallacy.
  7. The context of this statement was relative to his total income.
    He was asked how much of his income was taxed as wage income.

    "Not very much" was 300k to probably 20 million.

    The idiots robots on the left have been mimicking this twist all day.
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    Really? I'm not seeing it. You gotta an extra pair of those commie glasses I can borrow, so I can read it again? With a whole new perspective.
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