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    State by state, election by election, Democrats since 1992 have methodically
    constructed the party’s largest and most durable Electoral College base in
    more than half a century. Call it the blue wall.
    after Barack obama’s sweeping victory in November, 18 states
    the District of Columbia have now voted for the Democratic nominee
    in at least the past five presidential elections. the last time Democrats won that
    many states so consistently was from 1932 to 1948, when Franklin roosevelt
    and Harry truman won 22 states in five consecutive
    presidential races.
  2. Interesting, but I am still thinking it's going to be very close. And I'm really worried that we may face some stupid damn, drawn out recount, court cases, blame game, for weeks on end.
  3. not really it could be over early. watch florida. if obama carries florida its all over.
  4. Not counting on Florida. Ohio, that where the marbles are. Mittens loses Ohio, the Blue Wall holds no matter what happens next.
  5. Last time I checked there were 50 states. The familiar red/blue map illustrated dramatically just how narrow democrat support is. The vast majority of the country is being tyrannized by a small group of states along the northeast, upper midwest and west coast. For the most part, these areas represent an older, faltering, unionized, industrial America that is in irreversible decline. Rather than face the music, they want to drag the rest of us down with them.

    One wonders just how long this kind of unstable situation can last before the rest of the country wakes up.
  6. lol. alternate reality must be a special place. last i checked the popular vote was 50-50.
    it could be that the blue states are fighting to stop the red state redneck leaches from taking over the country. most of the red states take more from the government than they contribute.
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    Population density.
  8. With the changing demographics the presidential blue wall is growing yearly.NC and VA used to solid red now they are swing states.PA used to be a swing state now its blue.Texas will be blue soon then its all over :D :D :D
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    I've made this argument before, in favor of the dems, but I'll mention it now in favor of the reps: we are two sides of the same coin. Complete dominance of one side is not a good thing.
  10. I agree as long as The GOP regains its sanity

    When Republicans are willing to compromise like Newt and Clinton did the country had some of its bests years.Complete dominance by Dems is better then a split with the current hard right tea party GOP that is willing to destroy the country if they don't get their way imo
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