Mittens does NOT repeat in Colorado.....

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  1. and was beaten by Santorum soundly last night. Mittens still has a formidable lead on the delegate count, but chinks in the GOP armor are definitely visible.

    A resurgent Rick Santorum won Minnesota's Republican caucuses with ease Tuesday night, relegating GOP front-runner Mitt Romney to a distant third-place finish that raised fresh questions about his ability to attract ardent conservatives at the core of the party's political base.

    Santorum was victorious, as well, in a nonbinding Missouri primary that was worth bragging rights but no delegates.

    "Conservatism is alive and well in Missouri and Minnesota!" Santorum told cheering supporters in St. Charles, Mo. Challenging his rival, he declared that on issues ranging from health care to "Wall Street bailouts, Mitt Romney has the same positions as Barack Obama."

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    Apparently not to many value your political "insights".

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  3. The GOP is falling to pieces , focus on that.
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    Seems the ABR bug is making its rounds.
  5. How high school of you Lucrum, what grown men worry about rating a thread on an obscure trading site and then try to imply that it has meaning?:D
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    But they do have meaning for Lucrum. How else would he know where to get his sound bites?
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    Well that's certainly one way to rationalize your continued self delusions of grandeur.
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    That response has no bearing on the post you quoted. Random phrase generator?
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    You make zero sense. Are you saying Romney represents the GOP and Santorum doesn't?

    As I've said before, you are an idiot. :)
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    Actually it does, apparently it was just over your little pin head.
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