Mitt Romney's Bain Capital Dodged $102 Million In Taxes By Using Dutch Tax Loophole,

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  1. Bain Capital evaded about €80 million (or $102 million) in taxes by using a financial loophole in the Netherlands, according to a HuffPost translation of an article in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant Monday.

    De Volkskrant and the website Follow the Money claim that by routing its 2004 investments in the Irish pharmaceutical company Warner Chilcott through the Netherlands, Bain was able to dodge dividends and capital gains taxes. Financial adviser Jos Peters estimates that the loophole allowed Bain to save about $102
  2. How much more in taxes than you legally owe do you pay?
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    For any lefty though, who is stopping you from paying your 'fair share'? If you feel you haven't paid enough.. well go ahead and contribute more. This includes that fucking douche ted turner. :p
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    Are these legal terms?

    Or did Bain , like Apple figure how to route revenue through the international market within the law.

    Apple paid less than 2% in taxes on overseas earnings
    Los Angeles Times‎ - by David Lazarus‎ - 3 hours ago
    Apple paid only 1.9% in taxes on its overseas earnings, highlighting loopholes in the U.S. tax system.
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    How would FT feel if they closed the Mortgage Deduction Loophole ??
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  6. It's not clear which law he broke. Could you be more specific?
  7. Still waiting...
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    "Bain Capital in 2004...."

    That pretty much says it all about this article.
  10. I pay as much in taxes as I can , that way I can be a pretentious, self -righteous liberal stooge advocating self imposed poverty as the solution to global warming.

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