Mitt Romney won't rule out the possibility of a VAT Tax

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  1. This is from the guy who will "turn our economy around". Wake up, sheep.

    In a recent interview on these pages, presidential candidate Mitt Romney refused to rule out a value-added tax (VAT). He suggested that this hidden form of a national sales tax—which is embedded in the prices of goods and services during the production process—might be appropriate, particularly as a way of financing other tax cuts.
  2. Romneycare,pro choice,anti Reagan,anti gun etc now more taxes :confused: :confused: :confused:
  3. ^ This. Romney is a total fraud. Anti-gun, pro-choice, huge spending, technocrat. But that's how "conservatives" roll - they're idiots. But so is the left. The entire country is brimming with morons.
  4. Who's the pussy that negged this thread, already?

    There ya go. Just proves how delusional these so-called "conservatives" are.
  5. Why is a consumption tax such a bad thing, especially if it's accompanied by a cut in other taxes (e.g. income and corp)? Wouldn't that be good for American society, generally? I don't really have a view, but I don't see why it necessarily has to be such a bad thing...
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    He's not anti-gun, he's anti-certain kind of gun. He's not pro-choice, he's pro-certain kind of choice. His record indicates he cuts here, spends there--sound rational to me. He may be a technocrat, but he's a successful businessman, too; that's what you keep saying would be best, right?
    His record of flipflops indicates he's trying to please a diverse audience. Practically speaking that makes him a centrist. Which, in our "if you're not with us you're against us" age, is his biggest problem.
    I think he could have a real shot at the presidency, but first he'll have to convince the independents that he'll be like Obama (economically), but with muscle this time (and not flipflop into "disastrous"--that's for you, Lukie--republican policy prescriptions).
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    That's a vote on you, not your thoughts. Everyone gets the same treatment here.
  8. Oh, you mean like Europe? Where they slashed taxes after they passed the VAT?
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    Mitt is pure scum - hell no to VAT or any national sales tax - sick sick scum!
  10. Ya, we all hate each other. One big happy family :D

    But no. Every Ron Paul thread gets instantly negged. Every negative Ron Paul thread is rated 5 stars. There's a pattern. Lots of neocon lurkers. Pussies.
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