Mitt Romney Vs. Buffet

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  1. I believe Buffet did far better than what I understand Bain Capital did from reading about it-- far better on a long time frame, and on larger capital. So Mitt Romney might have a tough situation depending on the answer to this question:

    If one asks Buffet who should be the president, what would be his answer?
  2. buffet secretly wishes he were a gangsta rapper. therefore i can not take his opinion seriously. why would i listen to a guy that goes gaga over a former self proclaimed drug dealer.?


    buffet is a TOOL!
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    I am really sick of this fraud Warren Buffet. I love how the media paints this guy as a gentle old man with a grand fatherly touch. Let me explain something to you, Warren Buffet made shit loads of money by stabbing people in the back and kicking them while they were down. Make no mistake about it, this guy has screwed plenty of people in his time and gotten rich off of it. This bogus facade that the media puts up is really nauseating.
  4. is he is worse than Jay-Z ?
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    Jay-Z is a thug and a punk and his music sucks. It is really a shame that American society rewards losers like this.
  6. He's worth more then mitt romney and he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth
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    Like I said, its a shame that society rewards losers like this.

  8. jizz wouldn't survive in a "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" world.
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    KRS ONE said it best in "MCs act like they dont know" -

    "what come around go around I figure,
    now you got white kids callin themselves nigga"

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    seriously who's the high melanin content dude?
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