Mitt Romney - Shareholder Suit

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  1. Appears with all the statements being made as to his exact involvement in Bain conflicting with Bain statements / disclosures... Seems like an opportune time for the minority shareholders to file a lawsuit again Bain and Romney personally for fraud.

    "I relied on Bain's representation that Mitt Romney was the CEO running day to day operations. Had he not been running the show I would never have ... voted.... invested .... whatever your wild ass can dream up"

    "Romney has admitted he had retired retroactively in 1999 and has engaged in a pattern of fraud. Therefore I claim under RICO treble All my losses between 1999 and 2003, treble loss of business opportunities plus attorneys fees"
  2. What is the source of these quotes?

    What is the amount of losses that Bain shareholders suffered between 1999 and 2003?
  3. Hypothetic Puffery...

    I don't think he realizes how big a deal this is to attorneys... Public Admission of fraud.

  4. What losses did the shareholders suffer? My recollection is that Bain was profitable during those years.

    If I'm not mistaken, Romney was the sole shareholder or nearly sole stockholder. Is he going to sue himself?
  5. wildchild


    If someone does pull this, then Romney ought to use this as a campaign ad. Having someone willing to put their money on you is the biggest show of trust and confidence in a person you can do. For instance, if Obama were to become the CEO of a company, how much do you think the stock would drop on this news?