Mitt Romney set to win, maybe by a mile

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  1. Mitt Romney set to win, maybe by a mile
    Republican momentum makes prez desperate
    By Michael Graham
    Wednesday, October 31, 2012

    One week from today, the Boston Herald’s front page will either read “Obama Pulls Out Victory” Or “Romney Wins.” (Actually, given that this is the Herald the headline will be something clever like, “He’s Barack In Charge!” or “Sweet Mitt-ory!”)

    I predict the latter. One week from today, Mitt wins.

    I’ll even go a step farther. I’ll ask the question poll watchers across America are thinking but afraid to ask: Is this election over?

    If your source of news is MSNBC or the Boston Globe-Democrat, obviously not. If anything, you think President Obama is on the verge of a massive sweep from North Carolina to Nevada.

    But if you’ve been watching the polls and the campaigns at all objectively, you’re starting to see a picture develop. One where Romney’s the winner well before bedtime.

    I believe we’re on the verge of a solid Romney win for two reasons. One is the objective evidence. The other is the ugly desperation of the Obama campaign in its final days.

    First the numbers. And let’s start with the big one: Before Gallup suspended polling due to Hurricane Sandy, Mitt Romney was at or above 50 percent among likely voters for 14 consecutive days. No candidate above 50 percent at this point has ever lost the presidential race.


    The president, on the other hand, has peaked at 47 percent. The Battleground Poll model shows Obama losing 52 percent to 47 percent. Rasmussen daily tracking has Obama losing 49 percent to 47 percent. Pew has him tied: 47 percent to 47 percent. But more important, all the polls show Obama sliding or stuck. None show any upward movement.

    Obama supporters are quick to tell you “the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.” Two things: a) that’s what candidates who are behind always say; b) this is election day.

    Thanks to early voting, millions of votes have already been cast. Four years ago on this day — Halloweek — Gallup released a poll of folks who’d already voted and found Obama was beating John McCain by 15 points.

    This year? He’s losing to Mitt Romney 52 percent to 45 percent — a set swing of 22 points. The wrong way.

    But who cares if Obama loses the popular vote (and he will, by the way)? All that matters is winning the Electoral College vote in the “swing states!” That’s Obama’s path to victory!

    OK. But what is a swing state? Forget Virginia and Ohio. Obama’s lost so much ground he’s been forced to send Joe Biden to Pennsylvania and Bill Clinton to Minnesota — a state so blue Ronald Reagan never carried it.

    The president, on the other hand, is only up by 6 among the loony-left granola-crunchers of Oregon.

    Those are the numbers. The campaign Obama’s running looks even worse.

    Between desperate, last-second proposals for a “Secretary of Business” and embarrassing ads comparing voting for Obama to a girl losing her virginity, you can smell the desperation from the Obama camp.

    These are the juvenile stunts of a second-tier congressional race, not the campaign of an incumbent president. Then again, has any other president posted a picture of his opponent in a dunce cap? Or called his opponent a “bullsh***er” on the record? Obama’s done both.

    The Obama campaign is angry, it’s negative and it acts like — to quote Bill Clinton — its feelings are hurt. In a word: Losing.

    More and more people sense it. Ben Domenech wrote at RealClearPoli about an “undertow” that seems to be pulling Obama’s support away. It’s not that Obama’s supporters have turned on him. They’ve just abandoned him. They’ve drifted away. Like so many of us, they’re just done with Obama.

    If I’m wrong, I’m counting on you to mock me for it mercilessly next Wednesday. But I’m not wrong.

    And isn’t it interesting how many people already seem to know it.
  2. Two things have heavily eroded Obama support. One, Romney did much better in the debates than expected, and two, Benghazi. Much as the MSM has ignored it, the story is still out, and there is just no way to spin it in a positive way for Obama. It was a colossal screw up on multiple levels.
    I guess there's a third thing too. His supporters back in 08 have left in droves. He came in with so much promise and left them, and nearly everyone else, very disappointed. The "nice guy" is about to get shown the door. There's just too much work to be done to keep carrying the dead weight of Team Obama.
  3. Lucrum


    I'd be happy if he managed to win. If it's a blowout, THAT would be poetic justice.
  4. Why is Intrade so low on Romney though.....I wonder if it's severe mispricing
  5. More than "poetic"... would indicate a STRONG REJECTION OF EVERYTHING ODUMBO! And boy, do we need THAT!!

    That SOB should stand trial for TREASON... for all the harm he's done to this country!

  6. It's a joke. Just look at these wild fluctuations.

  7. Anyone with average intelligence knows Obama is going to win.A minority of conservative idiots who are stupid enough to believe in unskewed polls,dick morris and Rasmussen actually think Romney is going to win
  8. Since Jan Obama has always been over 50
  9. Patience, AK, hold your fire.:)
  10. Since birth you have always been an idiot.
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