Mitt Romney Policies In Few Words

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tradingjournals, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. How could one describe Mitt Romney polices in fewer words? Would this be a succint description:
    1. Bush’s economic policy,
    2. Cheney’s foreign policy and
    3. Rick Santorum’s social policy?

  2. How could one describe Barack Obamas policies in fewer words?
    Would this be a succinct(the correct spelling) description:

    1. Bush's times 10 economic policy,
    2. Ahmadinejad's foreign policy and
    3. Adolph Hitler's Social policy?
  3. No, it would not be a succinct description.

    You are an ignoramus beyond description. A complete waste
    of biological matter, a testament to the randomness of nature. Perhaps you and Lucrum should mate and deliver unto the world a most ungodly abomination, as only you two could. This would remind the rest of us what good fortune we have in this fleeting existence. Keep speaking, for your voice will shine light upon the repugnant excrement in our society, and alert us to whom we must flush away into the sewers of an eternal hell.
  4. You are talking nonsense , and wasting my time.
  5. How do you really feel about these two?

  6. Page 1, Section A, 1st Paragraph of the leftist playbook. If you cant come up with a rational, intellectual response to something, resort to name calling.
  7. Page 1, Section A, Paragraph 2 of the leftist playbook.
    If one of your fellow leftists has already started with the name calling, imply that your time is more valuable than everyone elses, that way you can dismiss what the righty said publicly and give the illusion that because your time is more valuable, what your statement must also have more value than the other persons statement.