Mitt Romney, military family NOT and upsets others about dog on roof..

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bighog, May 27, 2012.

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    This belongs in Chit Chat.
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  4. Its in the sandpit that is Politics & Religion.
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    the OP is almost single handily responsible for killing the ET Index Futures Chat room years ago by bombarding it with unwanted politics and stupid jokes.
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    It has nothing to do about trading. But it has a lot to say about some cartoon wanting to be commander in chief and raising a bunch of chickin shits, the apples do not fall far from the tree.

    Posting these days is rare and will continue to stay that way.

    PS: the correct spelling is "fuck" not f*ck. Funny how some people are afraid to truly express themselves.

    BYE....... HOG OUT!! :p
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    01-24-12 03:23 PM

    I've been seeing a lot of lazy thread posting lately, which means that members are just throwing any thread they want into the Trading forum, which is not the intended purpose of this forum at all.

    The reason why we have a generic "Trading" forum is so that members can have a place to put threads that do not fit well into any of the other more specific forums. When you post your thread in the wrong forum, you are drastically reducing the chances that your thread will get the response you are wanting. Many members are experts in certain areas, and they are subscribed to the forums they like the most, which means they get an email whenever a new thread is started in one of their favorite forums. If you put your question in the wrong forum, you may not be reaching the people who can help you simply because they aren't being notified about your thread.

    So do yourself and other members a favor by not starting threads in this forum without first checking to see if your thread would fit better into one of the other forums.


    If you are talking about indicators or chart patterns, your thread should be put in the Technical Analysis forum, not here.

    If you have a problem with your trading platform, that thread should be put in the Trading Software forum, not here.

    If you are posting a link to a financial news article, then post it in the Wall St. News forum, not here.

    If you have a question about an order type, then post it in the Order Execution Forum, not not here.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

    Not rare enough hog shit.
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    Yeah, I remember the fat f*ck well. I was in that chat room from time to time listening to his shit. The old fat, divorced truck driver from the south side of Chicago. Those were the glory days of ET. LOL.
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