Mitt Romney lowers debate expectations

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    Mitt Romney lowers debate expectations

    With just over a week to go before he faces President Obama in their first debate, Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney lowered expectations a hair, noting it is his first time in a presidential debate and his opponent is an "eloquent, gifted speaker."

    "The president is obviously a very eloquent, gifted speaker - he'll do just fine," Romney told Fox News in an interview from Dayton, Ohio. "I've, you know, I've never been in a presidential debate like this and it will be a new experience."

    Romney said the American people will make "their assessment as to who's the better speaker," but he believes that regardless they'll be drawn to his plan for the nation.

    "People will make a choice," Romney said. "I think I have, if you will, the facts on my side. I think the American people will be drawn more to the vision I have for the future of the country, but time will tell."

    The first of three presidential debates is Oct. 3 at the University of Denver.
  2. LOL !!!!!!!!!

    Mitt knows he's about to get his ass handed to him .So nice of him to give you guys a heads up :D :D
  3. This is smart on his part, come as the big underdog, so an average performance will look like he held his own.
  4. America needs to defeat the idiot asshole in a landslide, so that no other idiot asshole would come after him --- A defeat is not enough, it should be a landslide.
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    Actually, they're both employing the tactic of lowering expectations for themselves while raising it for their opponent, trying to make it more difficult for the other guy to reach the bar they set for him. It has been done a lot over the years.
  6. Talk about quitting even before you have begun.

    i guess Romney isn't going to be offering any 10 Grand bets about anything. I'm picturing him standing there on that podium with that sheepish look on his dial.:(.
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    Tsing Tao

    IQ47 makes it seem like Romney is giving up on the debates, but now we find it's both parties that are using this strategy to sandbag their performance at the debates. Though you'd never hear it from IQ47 like that. He's a sham, I tell ya.

    To hear the Obama campaign tell it, the chances of the president out-debating Mitt Romney in Denver next week are roughly on par with the Washington Generals' hopes of ever eking out a win against the Harlem Globetrotters.

    Obama press secretary Jen Psaki has been particularly emphatic in declaring the president an underdog. All week, she has lamented that the demands of the presidency have left him with only “a little bit of time” to prepare for the debates and not nearly as much opportunity as the campaign would like for him to “sharpen and cut down his tendency to give long, substantive answers.”

    Conversely, Psaki told reporters on Air Force One, Romney has taken more time to prepare “than any candidate in modern history”; she compared his training for the three candidate faces-offs to that of “an Olympic decathlete.”

    Asked on Wednesday what would be the worst thing that could happen at the first debate, Psaki’s wry reply suggested that she was in on the joke.

    “Well, he could fall off the stage,” she said....

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    You still laughing, dumb nuts?