Mitt Romney Is Back to Pumping His Own Gas

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  1. Mitt Romney Is Back to Pumping His Own Gas

    A Reddit user claims he bumped into the former Republican presidential nominee at his local fill-up station last night, and posted this shaky Loch Ness monster-esque photograph to prove it. The time, location, and even the subject of the image are not fully confirmed, but it sure does look like Mitt Romney—a less neater than we're used to seeing him—filling up his car with regular unleaded. The picture was posted to the website last night around midnight and quickly zoomed to the top of the front page.

    The Redditor, mkb95, says the photo was snapped in his home town of La Jolla, California, where Romney does indeed own a home and is reportedly planning to settle down (retire?) following his last election defeat. He says he chatted up Romney, who was obviously without security guards or drivers, for a few minutes, before they both went on their way.

    The picture wasn't necessarily posted to humiliate Romney, but naturally the thread turned into a heated political debate, combined with comments about his rather haggard looking appearance. (A few commenters even suggested a picture like this might have humanized him in a way his campaign never could.) We can sympathize with that since we certainly aren't used to looking our best when making pit stops on the road. But no matter how he looks, the picture does drive home just how quickly a major candidate can go from Secret Service entourages and a phalanx of reporters watching your every move to a completely normal life driving yourself around the suburbs. Romney is a private citizen again and it's going to take awhile for us—all of us—to get used to it.


    Mitt Romney Post-Election 'Twilight' Date

    There are some advantages to not being elected President of the United States -- like you can go to see the new "Twilight" movie without making a big fuss ... which is exactly what Mitt Romney did this weekend.

    TMZ spies caught a glimpse of the wannabe Prez and wife Ann out at the movies in Del Mar, CA on Saturday night. Our spy says the couple was joined by two young men, but it's unclear who they were.

    After the movie, Mitt and Ann (with no bodyguards in sight) hit up a pizza place across the street. We're told he was super friendly to everyone, even posing for a few pics.

    Little late to try to be a man of the people.
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    Max E.

    This is pretty funny and it goes to show just how despicable the liberal media is, throughout the entire campaign they are making fun of Romney as some sort of out of touch monster who lives in a castle and has no social interaction.

    Now that the election is over, they mock Romney for doing the same day to day shit as every other person...... unbelievable.
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    Though not surprising IQ47 thinks it's worthy of another useless 1 star thread.
  5. I hope the guy is doing well.He looks kind of off to me


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  6. What's sad is they even consider this to be news. Yesterday, while the ME continues to blow up, the fiscal cliff fiasco continues, Bengahazi-gate under investigation...and what does MSNBC lead with and devote most of their program to? Republican infighting. I do believe even Keith Olberman would be embarrassed to work there at this point.
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    Unflattering pictures, offensive cartoons, and insult piled on insult have become (were they always?) your typical posting style.
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    Good point, because what i post on an anonymous internet message board should really be equivalent to what gets said in the news media.
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    You do not have the power to change the news media, but you do have the power to change yourself.
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    why dont you lead by example?

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