Mitt Romney in 2011:i would kill fema 'We Cannot Afford' Federal Disaster Relief

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  1. this should go over good right now. of course people like romney dont really suffer from a disaster. at worst they are inconvienced by having to move to one of their other homes for a while:

    Mitt Romney in 2011: 'We Cannot Afford' Federal Disaster Relief

    As Hurricane Sandy looms and flooding begins, the Republican presidential candidate's primary remarks are getting a second look.

    Mitt Romney said America shouldn't be in the business of providing federal disaster relief and that it would be better for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's functions to be handled by individual states or even the private sector.

    Queried directly on the topic by CNN's John King during the June 13, 2011 Republican presidential primary debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, Romney said the federal government "cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids."
  2. How is that any different when the "SNAP" class moves from one section 8 housing to another? No sweat off their back or wallet.
  3. maybe Romney was talking about the lame ass emergency kits FEMA hands out containing a bottle of water, rubber gloves and goggles. Like people are going to clean up something.

    Remember when fema handed out 300$ atm cards down in new orleans, there was a good use of money on hookers and blow.
  4. He said the Federal Government can't afford it. Not that it's not needed or necessary.

    So NY just flooded, the Fed will borrow money from China to pay for the cleanup & repairs in the name of FEMA.

    Future generations again saddled with the burden of paying it back.

    WTF is insurance for?
  5. you arent a very deep thinker are you? there are no vacant section 8 housing units just waiting for these people to move in to. section 8 housing already has a several year waiting list. they are out in the street.
    romney on the other hand already owns a dozen homes. his biggest decision would be which vacation home would he choose to move too. its not even comparable.