Mitt Romney Haunted By Missing Tax Returns As Campaign Draws To Close

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Free Thinker, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. "Romney's refusal during his campaign to release his past tax returns betrayed a contempt for the electorate and for the democratic process, which relies on voters having the requisite information to make informed decisions," said University of Southern California law professor Ed Kleinbard. "The reason for the tradition of releasing past tax returns -- not returns prepared in the years an individual is running for the presidency -- is to demonstrate that the candidate fully and fairly complied with the tax laws when the spotlight of the election was not already on him."
  2. I'm sure it haunts him about as much as that missing plaid sock I lost in 1973 bothers me.
  3. Sent one of my favorite ties to the cleaners. Never got it back. I think they took Mitt's tax returns, too. Those bastards!