Mitt Romney 2008 - What can happen?

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  1. All the talk by the "capitalists" on this board are yelling for Ron Paul.

    BUT, it seems that Mitt is the only candidate that *has* Wall Street experience. He understands the capital markets. He has the background of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital. I'm not endorsing him here, but my question is why hasn't this board backed him?
  2. ?...........he's too much of an "asset shuffler and manipulator", not an "asset builder".
  3. the commander in chief should be an actual vet or at least related to one, especially in such a large family

    at the very least, not within a stone's throw of polygamy?
  4. Worst campaign literature I get and I get it all because I was a paying REP once. Tax cuts for corps is NOT in line with America's mood right now. Best I can tell - that's the cornerstone of the "Strong Economy" part of his Strong Family, Strong America, Strong Economy schtick.
  5. Pekelo


    Money talks. Romney will be the Republican candidate.

    I predicted a Hillary-Romney match 6 months ago, nothing has happened that would change my mind about that...
  6. The polygamy thing is ridiculous and a complete non-issue.

    The non-vet thing brings up interesting questions though. Should the president be a veteran? On the one hand I say yes. He should have military experience in order to be commander in chief. OTOH, a non-vet seems less likely to be a war monger. A rational person with good problem solving skills and a good secretary of defense fits the bill in my mind.
  7. Asset builders = entrepreneurs

    Asset shufflers = anyone on wall street

    Lets be real here. Very few candidates have any asset building experience. To say that Mitt isn't a good businessman is crazy.
  8. There is only a single issue with Mitt. Why did he change his stance on abortion?

    1- He needed to be pro-choice to become governor of Mass. Now he needs to be pro-life to get the GOP nomination.

    2- He came to what he thinks is a better understanding on a complicated issue. Consequently he admits that he was wrong before.

    Other than that issue, there isn't really anything wrong with him. He is very capable, articulate, intelligent, financially/economically savvy, commands respect, no family ties to oil, is not a career politician, and has strong family values.

    He also has the demostrated ability to work across party lines, which is something this country really needs.
  9. I've also wondered why this board hasn't backed him, considering the fact that he is the one pushing for elimination of capital gains tax.

    Let's be real here.

    Ron Paul doesn't have a chance at getting the GOP nomination. If he chooses to run independent then the GOP vote is divided and Hillary wins in a landslide.

    Mitt is a better polititian and will be much better at getting things through a democratic congress. The best situation that I can see for RP is to set himself up to run under Mitt as VP.
  10. the guy's great grandfather had 5 wives and his great-great had 12. i'm not suggesting anyone judge mitt romney's character on that fact, but it is pretty whack man, as presidential backgrounds go

    eliminating cap gains tax sounds good, but i'd be really surprised if ron would be interested in a vp role with him
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