Mitigating effects of Huge Positions taken afterhours

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ABF, Nov 3, 2003.

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  1. ABF


    I am a relatively new trader and wonder how do other traders protect themselves when huge positions are taken on a stock afterhours when I am unable to do anything about it - have just lost some dosh as the final opening price was well below my stop - help!
  2. "dosh" :eek: :confused:
  3. ABF


    dosh- is UK slang for $$$$ss - have you really never heard of it before?
  4. dosh

    daa oops shouldn't have:D
  5. no, why would i know poor UK grammar?
  6. ABF


    So - no-one has anything useful say - what a disappointing lot you are!
  7. ABF - I do agree that this "lot" is getting a lot worse than it was 2 years ago...but to provide ONE answer to your question....a few of our traders protect or "hedge" their after hours positions with options to provide some insurance on their positions...pretty straight forward technique...anybody else have any other ideas?

    rttrader1 -
  8. `You have committed four mistakes. The first three can be summed up in the following statement: a relatively new trader should not be taking on huge positions, especially during the still relatively illiquid after hours market, and especially without an escape plan in place prior to the trade.

    The fourth mistake can be corrected by not throwing out chastisement if no one responds to YOUR call for help soon enough for you.
  9. ABF


    I did not take a huge position - those active in after hours trading did that - effecting my stock price in excess of 10%

    So - I assume you were new onece - but - please dont respond - since you are unable to read and have obviously nothing relevant to sa
  10. WOW!:eek:
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