MIT study says we should permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons

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  1. Imagine the balls other countries will grow when they realize america couldn't do shit about iran's nuclear program.

    It's going to start with all the countries in the region asking to start a peaceful nuclear energy project, some might openly start developing nuclear weapons like iran.

    If america had permitted iran to develop nuclear weapons from the start, that would be a different story, first they sanctioned them, then they threatened to attack, now they are backing off not only on a possible attack but also on the sanctions, what kind of an image does that create? See a cat is always a pussy, there's nothing wrong with that, but when a dog barks, jumps at you, but then backs off like a pussy and squeaks like a pig, you know there's something seriously wrong with him, and you realize how fucked up he is.

    How can america be successful, they never complete a task they have started, they drag everything on forever.
  2. Iran wants nukes to protect itself from "liberation" by United States.

    When US launched illegal/immoral war of aggression in Iraq, it conducted itself like a mob boss. The only language a mob boss would understand is the language of force. Not everyone wants to be "liberated" by US and have armed 18 year olds from texas walking around telling grown men where to go.

    So US can only blame itself for Iran's desire for nukes.
  3. @IShopAtPublix

    I don't care why Iran is developing nuclear weapons, that wasn't the topic of this thread, the topic is that america didn't want iran to obtain nuclear weapons, now that they can't stop them, they are OK with it. See if america was a third world country, it wouldn't matter as much, but they have a military the size of God, with an annual budget that exceeds not only the GDP but the cumulative wealth of many countries, and they have weapons no other nation ever had or has. Yet because of a pussy administration, they have to go kiss iran's butt. What an insult to power, you have it but you can't use it, give it to iranians, they'll show you how it can be used.
  4. Lol. If "W" and neocons did not go into Iran what does it tell you? US wasted hundreds of billions in a "victory" in iraq. You attack iran and you are done financially. Iran is not a country you can take out with surgical strikes and no consequences. If it were not true, Iran would have been "liberated" by now.
  5. @IShopAtPublix

    Why do you keep going off topic, do you even understand what the fuck I'm talking about? This is not about iran, you silly fuck, iran and iranians are not important, this is about america and them dragging things on for so long, till it eventually renders all their efforts useless.
  6. You are retarded. The reason US pays lip service to the matter is because it can't do anything. Case closed. US&UK had a perfect casus belli when Iran captured some UK sailors. nothing came out of it. That to me told US has no desire for a fight with Iran.