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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by larrybf, May 24, 2003.

  1. does anyone know of of a way to get softwarefor IB that allows market if touch orders to be placed?? I do not know about others but lately i find my limit orders being hit multiple times and not get executed,,,time for a change in my use of orders i think...............thanks for replies in advance..
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    There are some aftermaket things on IB's website that might do what you want, Tradebolt might do it, it runs in a standalone mode but it's made for autotrading with Tradestation, also Dynaorder might be useful to you.

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    You could play around with the conditional orders. (which BTW, in the newest release allows orders to be triggered by an index price)
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    Here's an MIT order placer. PM me for a copy. The price is picked from a "depth of market" table but the order is placed as "market if touched". The "not filled" problem usually occurs if your order is placed at the price with the largest size - so looking at the DOM might give you an idea. This is good for a pullback strategy. I dont know of any other platform with this kind of function.

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