MIT now accepts absolute f%&$ing idiots!

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  1. I suppose she will become the latest hero/martyr of the moonbats. She's damn lucky she didn;t get shot. Frankly, I wonder why she didn't. This could have been stupidy, it could have been a desire to get on the news or it could have been a terrorist probe. Either way, I think it is more serious than a couple of misdemeanors.
  2. sim03


    "She explained her get-up saying, 'I wanted to stand out in the crowd.'"

    What do you expect from someone coming from a gene pool naming their kid "Star"?
  3. maxpi


    She could have been outstanding in the field and the cops would never have noticed her at all........
  4. Another pathetic, self absorbed loser. Lock & Load!

    Problem solved. Next!
  5. sim03


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "It was an art project, meant to entertain career-day visitors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an M.I.T. sophomore assured security officials after she had been arrested at Boston’s airport yesterday."

    Well, she did ask'em to "socket to me" on the back of the sweatshirt... be careful of what you wish for.
  6. Homer Simpson

    O.J. Simpson

    Jessica Simpson

    Star Simpson

    Are they related?

    Did Star's lack of common sense not see this coming, or was she asking for it?

    Was her work of art making a profound statement on the absurdity of airport security? Is she starting a Lefty revolt to take back freedom at airports? Are they thinking if they keep this up, there will be no more long lines?!
  7. This is one of the very few times I have been ashamed to be a Hawaii resident...

    There are moonbats all over.