Mistress Pelosi will whip Bush into shape

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  1. The Prez has been content to allow situations at home and abroad to fester in a state of misdirection. Madame Pelosi is not the type to allow this kind of incompetence. There is an old saying "Behind every good man is a good woman". She will tell the little worm to get off his ass and bring something that will work to the table. Her reputation and legacy is at stake now too and unlike Dubya she is serious and proactive. She will not tolerate bullshit from incompetent and self serving subordinates. He doesnt have to agree with her in order to let her demands be a driving force for him and his administration. If he will let her play her role and not simply "mud wrestle" for the next two years he may even salvage his own legacy.
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    While I'll dismiss your submissive/dom analogy as the type only a San Francisco democrat would employ, I agree, All is certainly not lost.

    America, all-of-a-sudden, looks a lot less like a Fascist dictatorship to the rest of the world, and perhaps our would be enemies.

    The Left in this country certainly did do its best to frighten the hell out of everybody about G W Bush. Al Qaeda even uses your "George Bush is the Stupidest President Ever" line.

    WAY TO GO!
  3. George Bush's "stupidity" mainly lies in his failure to plan. Many of the things he says have some rational validity, the problem is that he has never had a coherent plan to achieve the objectives. I don't really find myself agreeing with the Pelosi's of the world all to often. However, I do respect her business like approach and believe that this can be the sounding board the Bush Admin needs to seriously sit down and develop coherent plans instead of mouthing high minded goals while meandering around like a herd of mindless goats.
  4. The Bush agenda was clear from the beginning and has largely gone unchecked by the dems.

    Now things may change.

    Just follow the money, see who benefited the most from the Bush's nearly unchecked reign of power...

    Wanna bet that some key repubs and their cronies, as well as those who got government contracts, etc. are now nervously lawyering up and getting ready...for fear of dem led congressional hearings and investigations?

    The first heads to roll should be the war profiteers...

    Then the oil companies...

    Then all the politicians who allowed it to happen...