Mistakes made by traders...

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  1. Feel free to list any personal mistakes made during trading or any mistakes that you know other traders make. I know mine was believing I would never have a losing trade. Feel free to add on
  2. Ay kan shee wy, neva lose eva...
  3. pspr


    Change your nickname. That was a mistake.
  4. Redneck


    For me to tell you my entire repertoire of mistakes – would be me sharing all of my character flaws

    Do you really what to know..., or care that much about me – doubtful

    Suffice to say I made every mistake I was capable of…

    And I must agree – your nickname – over the top

  5. 1) Trading the same losing strategy hoping things would get better ..

    2) Revenge trading...
  6. I gotta agree with Redneck. Trading has made me realize and see all or most of my character flaws and its damn scary... even scarier that I can't seem to be able to control those flaws.
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    Fwiw from a dumbass redneck

    Don’t try to control them – that’s akin to fighting them – and that don’t work – I know Sir

    Accept them completely – and they’ll disappear – it the damndest thing I've ever experienced

  8. thinking that trading was easy :)
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    forgive yourself and everyone else,constantly,(unless you or a loved one are in harms way)and it does disappear,the constantly part is difficult
  10. over trading / "forcing the trade"
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