Mistakes I'm making on IB are costing me big time

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by myminitrading, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble placing orders on the fly. It seems I keep making stupid mistakes, like leaving live orders open and not realizing it

    I never did like the software, and have left them before because I just kept making mistakes, now here I am again doing the same thing.

    It just seems hard to trade quickly on the fly, make position adjustments like quantity, or exit all position and reverse.

    Maybe its just me maybe im just to slow. Their is one order entry platform I loved CQG trader. It was so quick and easy. This is no plug for them,could someone recommend a top notch order entry platform.
  2. Surely you can choose among the various third-party front ends available for IB and find something that does what you want.
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  4. Get Buttontrader!!!
  5. mini - I use T4 and always have an open order book window open as a safeguard to what you are saying. From this window I can quickly and easily cancel any orders or change them from the window or DOM. http://www.ctsfutures.com/content/t4/
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    What Bearbelly said. Worth the price if you trade with IB. Zeroline trader is honorable mention as well.

  8. Or you can configure Book trader with a host of buttons for your trading style...

    Like a Buy at Mkt 200 button, buy mkt 300, etc....

    close all positions button, etc....

    Not hard to do at all.

    Buy limit at xxx shares.....

    especially if you tend to trade certain allotments regularly

    Thats what I have done...
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    Buttontrader rules the universe.