Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Ohio, Alabama passing 6 week abortion ban bills

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    Except the law says otherwise
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  3. Yeah right, life starts the moment you have an erection. you dumb hillbilly fuck.
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    Look everyone, the village idiot chimes in again.
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  5. said the douchebag who doesn't know the difference between fetus and infant.

    Embryo - Morula stage before attaching as a blastocyst to the uterus, sex not determined
    Fetus - Extra embryonic structures developed, sex can be determined
    Neonate - Newborn (first 4 weeks)
    Infant - 1 month to 2 years
    Child - from 2 to 11
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    Who the Fuck CARES?

    Good grief people...

    You know what it is like to go to sleep at night, and how you do not remember what the hell is going on after you fall asleep?

    Likewise, do you honestly remember anything from when you were in your momma's womb? Can anyone seriously say, with conviction, that they remember life when they were in the womb? Can they remember Neonatal? Can they remember Infant? This whole abortion thing is out of control.

    So all the people in those states who voted for abortion to be illegal, and ESPECIALLY that state that voted it being illegal in the case of rape...

    That is JUST fine. Since you voted for it, then you must now care for the unwanted baby for 18 years. YOU must support it for 18 years with your own money. No government help, no help from your neighbors and friends. It is all on you. Someone you do not know got raped. She is now pregnant. Now when the baby is born, YOU have to take care of it forever, with YOUR OWN MONEY.

    All these armchair self-righteous assholes need to get a grip, and stop trying to give a shit about everyone else, and start giving a shit about themselves.

    Oh, wait. They kinda' don't know how to do that without their smartphones.

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  9. having an opinion is very different from mandating statewide laws, you dumbass good for nothing asshole.
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