Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Ohio, Alabama passing 6 week abortion ban bills

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  1. I do wonder how some of these truly ignorant people got to this point in a developed, rich society. It's unreal. And how ineffective are various US political systems and social structures that some of these idiots get in positions of influence ?
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  2. Here4money


    So why the fuck are you trying to impose your religious beliefs of "sin" onto others?
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  3. carrer


    For the world to be a better place.
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  4. wildchild


    Good, its time that we roll by the systemically racist policies that the democrats support. If you think there are a lot of murders in Baltimore and Chicago, that is nothing compared to an abortion clinic.

    Ohhh yeah, if abortion is so great, why don't democrats want people to know what the procedure entails?
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    So that guy was an illegal alien? Nice. As I recall, Ohio has the death penalty. I hope that fucker gets one of those messed up execution cocktails that causes them to convulse an hour and suffer before they die. That is however, after he gets put in general population for a bit in whatever prison he calls home.
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    I see two source less claims of this hispanic sounding man being illegal. Surprised why Fox hasn't ran with it yet?

    And congrats she's having his kid, I guess??
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  7. Here4money


    Party of alphas they said...

    Democrats want a roll call vote so there is a record of the Republican lawmakers who support a bill without exceptions for women who were raped.

    "I want the people of the state of Alabama to know how we vote," Singleton said,
    according to The Washington Post. "I think the people have a right."


    Amid Chaos, Alabama Senate Postpones Vote On Nation's Strictest Abortion Ban

    A vote on what would be the country's most restrictive abortion ban was postponed in the Alabama Senate on Thursday after chaos erupted over the stripping of an amendment to allow exceptions in the case of rape or incest.

    Shouting broke out on the Senate floor when the rape and incest exemption was removed without a roll call vote. Troy Public Radio's Kyle Gassiott reports from Montgomery: "Democrats loudly challenged Republicans, saying blocking the amendment violates Senate rules. ... These exceptions were added by the Senate Judiciary Committee over the objections of the bill's sponsor, who proposed it with the eventual goal of challenging Roe v. Wade in the U.S. Supreme Court."

    Democrats and some Republicans objected to the amendment being tabled so hastily.

    "You've got 27 men over on the other side ready to tell women what they can do with their bodies," Democratic Sen. Bobby Singleton said, according to The Associated Press. "You don't have to procedurally just try to railroad us."

    Republican Sen. Cam Ward agreed that there was no need to hurry. "If we're going to debate this issue in a serious manner that it should be debated, I will stand here and ask all of you to go bring your lunch, and your dinner, and your breakfast in," he said. "I am not going to move until we get a fair procedure in this process."
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  8. Alabama seems to be doing it's best to discourage young people, especially young women, from wanting to live in Alabama. That can't be good for the economy moving forward.
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    Don't kid yourself. Their economy is on fire.
    ...The Tide lifts all boats.
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  10. the world will be a better place when assholes like you stay the fuck out of the other people's business. you are worst than the fuckers who impose the Sharia Law, fuck you and your fucking religious beliefs.
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