Mission Impossible: ET to fix Social Security

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  1. Buzzed


    Uncle Sam has called upon Traders in ET to fix Social Security.

    Your mission: Create government policy that hedges against population rate decreases and unemployment spikes in order to keep Social Security in the black.

    This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.
  2. pitz


    Shut down 90% of the US banking system and the federal government immediately. Make having more than 1 chequing account and 1 credit card illegal.

    Take all of the resources that were consumed by the banking system and direct them towards US Citizen engineers, to rebuild all of the manufacturing and energy infrastructure that has been neglected, destroyed, or under-invested in, during the past 30-40 years. Tell the Chinese, "thank you very much, but we're going to be self-sufficient now."

    A fundamentally sound economy would have no problem whatsoever supporting its elderly, generating capital for re-investment, etc.

    No amount of financial engineering, taxation changes, etc., will fix the underlying problem in Social Security, and that is, it requires massive increases in per worker productivity, in order to sustain itself.

    The solution is right under everyone's noses. It might be painful for the 'money for nothing' crowd, but it will definitely restore the equity and dignity to hard-working and bright US engineers who have been completely disenfranchised in the past few decades by the money men.
  3. if you fall out an airplane what can you do to save yourself? can others do something to help save you, maybe, but why should they specially if you have been trying to fuck their lives for the last several decades?

    so I say print USDs, and even more USDs until you shrink the value of a trillion dollars to what 100B dollars is worth today, and even at that point don't stop printing
  4. The only problem with this is that many gov't programs are inflation adjusted. So, hyperinflating won't have the full impact it normally does.
  5. The more you print the more SS costs.
  6. pitz


    But printing money actually may be making house prices go down, as such monetary expansion pushes up interest rates on the long end of the curve. Net result still becomes deflation overall, until, of course, the debt is completely liquidated from the housing/real estate sector, and housing can be purchased entirely with available cash savings.
  7. Figure out how much population increase is necessary to maintain the program, and open the immigration doors accordingly.
  8. pitz


    Yeah but them immigrants are a net drain on the economy and push the system into an even greater deflation.

    Just look at the past decade. Many people have argued that the economic crisis that we're experiencing today was caused by an immigration-driven collapse in the tech sector.
  9. BSAM


    It's really pretty simple.

    All you gotta do is alter the Constitution a little: Eliminate the House of Representatives. We would have a President, a Senate, and a Supreme Court.

    The President, members of the Supreme Court, and the Senate would each be restricted to one five year term.

    Social Security and most all of our other problems would soon, magically be fixed.
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