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Discussion in 'Trading' started by scalpmaster, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Where is the missing volume when the Dow Jones was
    going up steepest between Sep to Dec2006?

    Notice the volume since Refco Kaput in Oct 2005?


    Can the market move so much when there is so little transaction
    compared to before Oct2005?
  2. i see no missing volume at all. only in the past week or so cuz of the festivities it has dropped a bit...rest is same as 05.

  3. You got to be kidding to ignore the degree of differences
    in the volume for the different periods I mentioned.

    The above links to the 2 yr chart...Now look at the 5 yrs chart!

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  5. yahoo could be the one telling the truth ...that's why it
    did so badly in 2006.

    anyway that url chart you pointed to is lousy even compared
    to yhoo basic chart.
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  7. S2007S


    up nearly 2000 points from July lows without a pullback.
  8. What, you think internet data is perfect and computer systems don't screw up? The volume data you're looking at is garbage. It's missing. Probably deleted accidentaly. What do you expect from free shit? But you ought to learn to tell the difference!

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    Relative volume is good so far this Jan.: over the last two days volume has been about 20%-30% above the avg. of the last three months. Admittedly though, this may be due in part to the so-called "January effect"--taking new positions for the new year after tax positioning in Dec.