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  1. Hi all

    I'm a new part time trader looking to eventually make a career out of this. I have been reading books and researching the net for a few months now, a couple weeks ago I opened an account with an online broker and did my first 10 or so trades. Being a first timer, I lost about 9% of my capital (and learned in the process), and I'm sure that if I had had more tools to determine the entry and exit point I would have made better profit.

    So here is what my broker offers with there trading platform.

    -No platform fees
    -Direct access trading
    -Flat 9.95$ a trade fee
    -Level 1 and 3/4
    -real time quotes and charting
    -tools like MA and Stochastics

    And here is what they DONT offer or offer them at a hi price.

    - Real time market indexes such as the NYSE , Nasdaq and Dow
    -Real time Industry indexes
    -TICK and TRIN for all market and industry indexes
    -E-mini S&P 500 Futures
    -Streaming news and news search by keywords

    SO MY QUESTION IS : Where can I find those missing tools for a reasonable price or for free? Do I need to Change my broker? Am I simply asking too much? Got a better strategy for a beginner day trader?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and opinions :D