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  1. The day began like any other. The beep beep beep of my my machine. How can a man not move and still have high blood pressure? Turn off the tv.

    In my sedated state of the past few weeks I've been able to hear the dr's and the family members surrounding my bed. You can hear. Don't pull the plug. I can hear everything I just don't have the will to move.

    He gets better for the Giants game is that right Ms?
    Oh he pops right up does a dance starts blogging and trash talking and rubbing it into other fans faces. He eats a weeks worth of food goes into the bathroom for a while and then I find him asleep.
    In the bathroom?
    No. Heavens no he makes it back to the bed.
    I could feel my wife stroking my brow...
    God bless him, he always makes it back to the bed.

    The cycles failed me. I failed myself. and now I have lost that killer instinct which makes a trader. Four consecutive massively profitable trades the research done, the stocks picked, the guts gone. Trades not done. How deep is the pain. I don't know. I haven't even looked but I know it's real bad. You can't be in the stocks I'm in and not get out & feel good about it. What happened then? well so immersed in trying to buy a weekend house and so sick of hearing about the recession I just tuned out. I'm still not sure when it happened - what I remember last was I was at a god awful kids move... WaterDragon, I was there I was watching that movie and then I was somehow in my bed with all this missing time.

    I don't think a UFO is to blame. Anyway so today began like the rest lately with my loyal wife sitting by the bedside and reading the daily briefing provided by Briefing.Com...

    Olin honey, remember them? The roof people right that special tile... or was that someone else? Well they Reports Q4 (Dec) earnings of $0.40, excluding non-recurring items, $0.04 better than the First Call consensus of $0.36; revenues rose 63.8% year/year ... You were right honey Wake up... Olin...

    Your AMSC got a big deal today baby! I know you are sad it's down $10 or more but listen, oh my god honey this huge one is from China. Did you hear me? China! Co announces that it has received more than $3 mln in orders for its wind turbine core electrical components and systems from two AMSC Windtec customers: China's CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute and Canada's A.A.E.R. Wow!, Stoney.... hello.

    Hey look at this! Lumera LMRA yes. Oh baby you still own that! Yes it's the number one gainer on the whole Nasdaq! Oh but it's only $2 what the hell happened? You bought this at $4 right? With the house money? Lets move on.

    Your Carpenter Tech reported! very good!
    beats by $0.07, beats on revs $1.17 per share, $0.07 better than the First Call consensus of $1.10; but performance might not surpass the exceptionally strong results of a year ago due to softening economic conditions.... It was at this point that I started flailing around apparently and after throwing up repeatedly and with a full moon on the way I am now on my feet again and about to check my portfolio for the first time in 3 weeks and answer all these frantic emails. If any of you out there can help- What the hell happened when I was gone? ~ stoney
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    I don't know buddy, it's just been more psychological market cycling [the latest thing to seep into my brain]..... try this, it's winter time right? Take massive vitamin D, thousands of units a day, eat a couple ounces of sardines every day [phosphatidyl serine] and drink soy milk [phosphatidyl choline], for brain nutrition and check back in a few days....
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    In a bull market, traders can make alot of money. But you have to know when to move to either cash or real estate when the market turns.

    I remember trading Internet stocks along time ago. The stock market started going south, and I bought a house in CA.

    Then I heard a radio show about 3 years ago or so I can't remember saying sell your house, real estate is going to crash.

    Well, I sold right then and there maybe leaving some profit on the table.

    So what to do with the profit? I noticed that Argentina had about a year ago defaulted on their debt, there currency crashed. So, time to buy some real estate in Argentina. Did it, with some fear of course. So with the $ crashing, my property in Argentina is looking good.

    My trading of Forex is looking even better since I can go long or short unlike when I was trading stocks. Yes, I know some of you short stocks, but my strategy used options where I had to be long to make it work.

    So my suggestion to you is if you did not already blow out your trading account, sell everything and buy some real estate or REIT stocks.