Missing the glory days of wide ranges.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bmwstox, Jan 21, 2002.

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    Remember those days when stocks had ranges of $30 versus today's ranges of 30 cents. Those were the glory days. The internet bubble screwed everything up! People bought into boiler room companies and lost most of their money. I remember one day when askjeeves was up like $30! Oh well, Wall St. better come up w/a new thing to restore the damage done by the internent boiler-room companies.
  2. NO it shouldn't!!! Only the fittest survive on Wall St. Either learn to trade those 30c ranges like I have, or move on to some other career. I honestly never traded crap like askj, and never will. There's much less risk in trading a DIS where I can take 25k shares for 30c. and cash out the day up $7500 (and know that the next bid is a nickle lower), than dick around in tech bubble stocks that are unpredictable and a 3k soes order will knock the stock down 10 pts. Liquidity over volatility is the rule any day. As long as they don't take our liquidity away, those of us who work hard and don't try to gamble will always make money. Nuff said.
  3. I have to agree with P2. The market is what it is. You have to adapt to the market. Don't expect the market to adapt to you.
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    Its not the market that sucks, its a lot of the traders in the market. Anyone who does not believe in Darwin should look at the markets and Im sure they will reconsider.

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    One of the most common complaints I hear from people is that "I'm bored." I hear this all day every day since people got used to pushing the buttons 50 times a day and thats what they still want to do. Of those still pushing the button 50 times a day the chief complaint I hear is "Im broke." I think that what people do not seem to realize is that trading is a job like any other, its not supposed to be your sole means of entertainment, and if it is you are probably going to be in a lot of trouble. Good trading tends to follow the same plan over and over again, and that can become boring, thats probably the way its supposed to be.

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    The only reason we're all here is because the market is dynamic. The bubble presented good opportunities. When it burst it presented more opportunities. Always opportunity.
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    Rigel I could not agree more... It is central to its very nature to manifest itself into myriad forms which come to being and disinigrate, transforming themselves into one another without end... in other words... THERE IS ALWAYS OPPURTUNITY!

    "Everything flows" -- Heraclitus

    "To be a man of knowledge one must be light and fluid" -- Don Jaun

    PEACE and good trading,
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    I only have one thing to say bmwstox,

    If you have one foot in the past,
    And one foot in the future,
    All you can do is PISS on the present........

    PEACE <---Positive.Expectancy.Always.Creates.(more)Equity
    and good trading,
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    your peace statement is a good one in fact it has inspired me to abandon scalping for a week and trade with stops and targets. I will let you know how it goes. Beacause I always want to build more equity. I already got nervous about my commitment lets say two days of stop and target trading.
  10. If prices aren't moving as much, just trade much larger size.
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