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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by andread, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. andread


    A few weeks ago I decided to try the automatic notifications for new threads and posts, instead of regularly looking on the site. It didn't take long to figure that I don't get notifications for every new post in the threads I subscribed to, but now I'm getting the impression that I'm missing notifications when a new thread is started in a forum I subscribed to.
    I don't mind the posts, but if I'm missing some new threads I might want to look at that's a bigger issue.

    Anyone else has the same problem?
  2. Baron

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    Ok, let me address the post notifications first. You will be notified that there's been new activity in a thread one time. You will not be notified again until you revisit the site and get caught up. That so your email box doesn't get bombarded with tons of update notices for every single post that's added.

    Regarding new thread notices, you will only get those when the thread has been started in the forum you subscribed to. If the thread was started in the wrong forum (which happens frequently) and a moderator had to move it, you would not be notified of that.
  3. andread


    got it, thanks. Indeed there would be some traffic, but I thought this was the meaning of the notification.
    Anyway, not a big deal. I can check the threads myself, and always have the overview when I log in.

    uhmmm.... if it happens frequently then there is basically no point in subscribing.
    Any chance to change this? That would be nice

    thanks for the answer