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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by shneed, Sep 22, 2005.

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    I have an old account with IB, that I haven't used for a while. Just now I logged in and see that all my money is gone. Went back to the Aug. statement and saw that the money was withdrawn. Not by me. There is no one at IB right now, so I am planning to contact them tomorrow morning. Just wanted to know if others ever had the same problem with IB lately.

  2. Gosh, was it a lot of dosh?
    I sincerly hope not...
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    One of my accts w/IB has been dormant. I just checked it again and everything's fine. With all the security this is a rarity. I'm sure they can trace where it went in any event...it can't just disappear, can it?
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    No, thank God. About $1500 Was just thinking of sending them some more money to trade some options, have to find out what happened to this money first.
  5. Mind you a firm has tried to defraud my account by adding several different transactions that never took place.
    I still don't know if I will ever enter in a legal dispute with them: I owe them the money not vice-versa.
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    All I know, is that I did not request any funds, nor did I receive any e-mail token confirmations of withdrawals, nor did I receive any money.
  7. Lucy, you got a lot of splain' to do
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    IB is open now. If you don't want to call overseas, you can contact the help desk via chat. At this hour all treasury functions will not be available but they will be able to detect what happened.

    note: I may not have this exactly correct but I think under CT law, dormant account holders must be contacted periodically. If the email and phone numbers on the account are incorrect and the account holder is unable to be contacted, the account could be restricted.
  9. If you have any proof that you deposited that money (bank statements-account activity) you should be able to position yourself well if matters get ugly.
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    I did contact IB via chat just now. One of the most frustrating things possible. In any case, I was told that the money was withdrawn (they don't know where it went, or even the method). The only option available to me was to create a "trouble ticket" which will be investigated.
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