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    what happened to jmowery1987. he turned out to be quite knowledgable.
  2. I saw this coming a while back:

    Question is, is he ever going to come back?
  3. guy was young, unfortunately not capitlized enough to make it by himself; he was dedicated tho and seem to have a lot of qualities. he should have gone prop and would have not regret it imo. hope he'll be back, he could make it work.
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    how do you know he was not capitalized enough?
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    he is not the kind of person to sulk, he would not leave without a word except under the most dire of circumstances. I PMed him with no response.
  6. innit obvious?
  7. He claimed he was prop:

    "Going prop was the wisest dicision in my trading career.... I finally could afford to day-trade stocks." 05-07-06 07:58 PM
  8. The guy is smart and articulate and well read in trading. That said, he offered a lot of advice that I felt was just a regurgitation of his studying the subject, yet he pontificated it like he was the Zen Master.

    His real problem was he was a thin skinned whiner/crybaby. For example his open warfare against a well known piece trading software.
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    no. . please show that he had inadequate capital.
  10. go trough his first posts; he opend a retail acct with a touch over 1k bucks to trade ym and lost it all in a month or so. after that he didnt trade for quite a while and never had enough to trade equities. not sure he ever went prop, despite of what he says.
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