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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by ktm, Feb 22, 2004.

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    I am unable to get QCharts to bring up any 60 minute (or less - preferably 10 minute) data for the period Feb 11 thru May 9, 2002 for the SPX.X. Can anyone else see this data? The daily data shows fine, but 60 mins and less is missing. I tried two servers from each server farm over the past week with no success.

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  3. In my experience, this is a weekend maintenance issue on the qcharts servers.

    Hit ctrl-alt-n and select a different server. you should be able to find one with all the data.

  4. ktm


    Tried 10 different servers today...still this exact same time frame is missing for less than 60 minute increments. Are you saying that you see this data running QCharts?
  5. You are totally right.
    Those DUMB ASSES let all the servers eat up all their index data for ALL indexes for that period!
    Any data in a resolution of 390 min bars or smaller for that period is gone! Shame on those fools.

    I've brought it up in their yahoo forum to no avail.

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    I don't think anyone from Quote.com regularly reads the Yahoo group. Email them directly. As I recall, the most recent version of QCharts has a built-in mechanism for reporting bad data. (I dropped my subscription last month so I can't fire up QCharts to check this out.)
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    I did bring it up over in QCharts Yahoo and I did write them about it. I think a monkey from QCharts wrote the email response back to me.

    I am in the middle of a significant backtesting effort and really need this data. I will beat them to death over this til I either get an answer or they fix it.

    The main reason I keep the package is for backtesting. For $100 a month, I don't expect 3 month periods to be perpetually missing.

    What other indexes are missing?
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    Talked to Qcharts. It's a known issue and they say they are working on it. They would not give a timeframe but said they needed to get the data from the supplier and reset everything...no idea why it went away or when it will be back.
  9. They will never fix it.
    Its 600 symbols with no data. Very time consuming to fix.
    They're just hoping you'll quiet down or go away.

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    I have one-minute bar data from QCharts for INDEX:SPX.X from 4/8/1997 thru 6/25/2003, in comma-delimited format. It's a 27M file unzipped. PM me if you want it.
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