missed work beacause i was in jail overnight - advice please

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  1. It was Friday night and at around 1am I was arrested for trespassing at a bar...

    I figured I would be taken in/ booked and released...wrong.. I ended up being assigned an arraignment at 1pm .. the biggest issue is that because my phone was confiscated
    i had no contacts, to potentially post bail.

    i didn't even know my parents phone number.. i had no one to call to bail me out ... making matters worst, since i had an out of state ID, i would have had to post the full bail cash. so i was told that if I plead not guilty. i could contest the charges but that didnt help the fact that i couldnt get a hold of anyone to help me get out./

    regardless at 1pm i had "effectively" no choice but to plead no contest or else I would have stayed in jail pending trial. and i still had no way of contacting anyone. in principal i feel awful as the arrest was a case of miscommunication and frankly i committed no crime.

    i end up walking out of the jail at 7:30 pm Friday night. my boss had left messages on my phone from earlier in the morning, asking where i was/if i was ok...

    i decided to call back my boss at about 930 and explained that i had a personal emergency and we could go over the employee absentee process including the details of my incident on Monday. ..

    so about an hour later i get a call from a coworker saying that they had searched online at work apparently google news and found that i was arrested the previous night. so monday im sure my boss will play dumb and look for me to lie as an excuse..


    1) how serious is a "no contest" conviction for trespass, in corporate finance... i will look to get the issue appealed/expunged/pardoned as soon as possible

    2) will i be fired over this?
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    If you think this will be a problem, talk to a lawyer about getting the record ex punged (sealed). Laws on this vary from state to state. It will be governed by the state where the infraction occurred.
  4. So, they told your drunk ass to leave and you wouldn't. Been there, done that. Will we see you on "Cops" with your shirt torn off while singing Free Bird? Sorry, couldn't resist.
    Most companies have a 3 day no call, no show policy before they fire someone, but if you're in a "at will" situation they can can your ass for most anything. Just fess up to your boss Monday morning. If you're a decent employee with no prior issues, they'd be silly to fire you.
    Trespass usually ends up with a fine. You should still get a lawyer, otherwise you might end up with community service to boot.
    Bottoms up!:eek:
  5. I wish this would have happened Friday night/Saturday morning so I would not have missed work. :p

    one positive i have is that this was a trespassing charge. If you tell someone you got arrested.. most people would assume (drunk driving, dui, alcohol related.. etc)
  6. Agreed. Another reason my posts/visits have dropped exponentially.
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  8. I assume you mean you were arrested Friday morning @ 1am and left jail Friday night?

    I really doubt your little crime would have shown up on GOOG News by Friday day. And probably not ever. Maybe in a precinct police "arrest log", but those usually take a few days to post. I think one of the"friends" who were with you ratted you to your boss!

    From what I've seen unless it is a horrendous crime (or felony and lose securities registration), you only get fired for lying about it. If you come clean and have a good record you should be okay. Also, offer to make the day up by coming in on Saturday or something.
  9. correct Friday morning...and left jail Friday night... i know the coworker that called me... he told me that "somebody" searched "google news"... i tried myself and nothing comes up.. this guy is a smart-ass so im guessing he probably suggested calling the county jail.

    if you don't call in to work i believe there are three legitimate reasons for not calling into work.

    death of immediate family
    or you're in jail
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    Get a lawyer. Any plea made in court has a certain time limit in which you could withdraw the plea before it becomes permanent. Depending on the state, you have anywhere from 20 days to 45. Don't delay. Monday go to a lawyer and check your options.
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