miss usa contest. finally a beautiful woman with a brain wins.

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  1. Miss USA contest evolves: 'Huge science geek' wins
    Only Miss Massachusetts and Campanella stood up for Darwin.

    Score one for Charles Darwin. The newly crowned Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella, 21, of Los Angeles, who calls herself "a huge science geek," says evolution should be taught in public schools.

    No, it didn't happen on air in a replay of the Carrie-Prejean-Perez-Hilton showdown over a gay marriage question two years ago. Evolution was among the preliminary questions, not the televised finale.

    Before her victory night, Miss California earned her way into the semi-finals in preliminary judging including interviews in which she was one of only two among 51 contestants to unequivocally support teaching evolution.

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    I'd do her.
  3. This contest has gone from an embarrassment to just ridiculous. It was an outrage when the legitimate winner, Carrie Prejean, was robbed of the crown by a hate-filled, bigoted homosexual activist, who thought it was appropriate to give her a zero because she gave an answer on gay marriage that mirrored obama's and was not in line with his radical view.

    Now we get these impossible, open-ended questions on evolution and koran burning. I feel sorry for these girls. Constitutional law professors could have trouble giving thoughtful answers yet some girl who has spent her life on beuaty pageants is supposed to be prepared for a meaningful answer. Crazy.

    And how do you answer a question like should evolution be taught? Yes of course it should be taught...as a theory, not as proven fact. She said in her answer that humans had evolved. Where's the proof for that? Did she also have a few examples of cross species mutation and subsequent evolution? Whatever, she was clever enough to give the liberal-approved answer, which is the whole point after all.
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  5. I hear that the the shark hasn't changed in millions of years.
    Evolution by definition does not ever end.

    What happened?
  6. Last I heard, they've BEEN teaching evolution. Did that improve our kids' intelligence? NO! They're a bunch of imbeciles who voted for Obama! [​IMG]
  7. if you were really interested in the answer one would think you would be smart enough to use google. but you really didnt want an answer did you?
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    Interesting point, although I'm sure tinker bell and or stu have a boiler plate debunking post at the ready.
  9. Remember the Coelacanth fish? A fish that evolutionists say lived 400 million years ago. Unfortunately for them, they found a living one in the 20th century, unchanged after all those 100s of millions of years.

    Amazing isnt it that a fish would remain unchanged for 400 million years, but in the same time period a worm can turn into a human being. But the evolutionists will ignore this fact.

    2 Timothy 4:3
    For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.
  10. it has not changed dramatically, but it surely changed in some ways you may not be able to see in the fossils.

    let's ignore the small changes for now. the species got "frozen" over millions of years, does it disprove the evolutionary process? no. give it 10M more years, pollute the ocean a bit, etc. it will be forced to evolve or will die off.

    some species can be stable for 100K years, a few for 10M, etc. why not? if a species found a stable environment for which it fits very well, it won't change much for a long period of time. there is no pressure.

    the reason we see so many species come and go (mostly via dying off with few evolving into something else) is because the environment changes (ice age, etc): adapt or die.
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