Miss USA - 2004

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  1. Wow!
    This is really gonna be tough to pick a "favorite"

    Miss California looks pretty good, and so does Miss Washington.
    But damn, Miss Alabama has gotta be up there too!

    Wow, then there's Miss Nebraska, and Miss South Carolina . . .

  2. lol let me take a look...will report back shortly :)
  3. GG . . .
    You are unbelievable man!!!

  4. When you can't get women, you go after teenagers. So it makes sense for GG to find a girl who is as undeveloped as he is.

  5. FINALLY a thread on here worthwhile!

    (So far) here is my pick for Miss USA...

    Miss North Carolina, Ashley (and, no, it is not just because she writes me tons of email begging for a date *rolls eyes*).

    trade off
  6. I think we got us a second runner up...

    Miss Missouri, Shandi.

    Actually I may be changing my vote to Shandi being number one.

  7. i'm tellin ya.. miss tennessee!!

  8. If they had a category of the "whitest" contestant... this chick would win...

    Miss Oregon

    Some chicks were just made to sit on a happy face (mine).


  9. Wow, GG, you MAY be right! I watched her Close Up and this chick is simply TOO incredible.

    You know something... maybe I'm just more hard-up but it seems like THIS year's Miss USA has more super-gorgeous chicks than any ones I can remember.

    But, whoa, dude, you got excellent taste for sure. If Stephanie doesn't win it, she'll definitely be among the top 3, or should win the Most Incredible Female category.

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