Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest - Hawaii Traders Hook Up

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Ken_DTU, Sep 27, 2002.

  1. Ken_DTU


    Hi - I have an idea - for tomorrow, Saturday, the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Finals Pageant is being held at the Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu.

    Hawaii traders, you folks want to meet up in the afternoon there for a drink at the pool bar?

    It's a tough life, but somebody's got to do it. (my wife's on vacation to see her family in Japan, so I figured what the heck. I'll be good. Ah right.)

    Quote from 'risky business' movie "sometimes, ya just gotta say, what the f..." lol. :)




    Hawaii traders, you guys want to meet up there? Let me know asap. I'll be there from 3pm+ Saturday .. I think I have the right time/place .. check it ..
  2. Ken_DTU



    - hey any hawaii traders want to meet up at Turtle Bay/NShore Oahu for drinks + Miss Hawaiian Tropic girls?

    cmon guys ... lemme know.. should be fun.. I'm going to be there by the pool bar in the afternoon .. you can't miss this, c'mon like 30+ girls in bikinis around the pool .. :p well I'll be having a good time at least lol


  3. What??? Turtle Traders in Turtle Bay? Oh... wrong search...
  4. xtrader


    otherwise, I woul've been there