Misbegotten Swing Trade Ideas

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  1. Let the games begin.

    My concept is for a thread about the best trade ideas under $5, 1M shares a day traded and not excluding OTCBB status. Also, we can throw in horse racing picks, private placement ideas in Alberta oil sands, college football picks, ebay trading ideas, scams for getting paid to surf the internet etc. Basically, this will be any cruddy way to make some bucks.
  2. first pick: GV under $1.20. If it spikes to $1.50, sell.
  3. Pick 2: ADAM anywhere up to 52 week highs assuming there isn't some big market selloff
  4. lundy


    would these be considered high risk?
  5. CWPC.ob and XSNX.ob
    would be my choices for easy 5% every day

    And they are good stocks
    TGB and MCZ bounce

    I got tons of these kind of moves
    not my style though
  7. SHOE is good for a $0.40 bounce on 2k shares. I'm not in it, nor will I be in it tomorrow. I don't have the time to concentrate on it. I did hit SHOE for a 20% rebound last year. I'll keep an eye out on TGB.

    CWPC.ob looks interesting on new highs.

    I hit MSEV.ob for 0.033 yesterday. I sold when it could not get past 0.15. looks like it is total pump and dump. It is about to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and there is an upcoming Alberta oil deal that may come through. When all the news comes out, it might be an interesting idea to short the stock with a few bucks and wait a few months. You can short OTCBB's in Canada. Just an idea.

    Check out NVAX and SWWC also.
  8. swwc, nvax, and adam all outperformed the market and still look good for a spike. SHOE and GV are "consolidating" and should come around next week.
  9. pdonlevy


    Maybe I'm dumb, but I have been playing around with JDSU.
    Entry at 2.95 or less, exit at 3.05 or over.
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