Mirus/Zenfire is the most expensive ninjatrader broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TX.mkrr, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. TX.mkrr


    I am officially out of there!!! I feel like such a sucker. After i got pissed about them offering to pay new customers $500 credits to transfer in to them, i did a simple google search on all the ninja brokers mention in this forum. all of them cheaper, at least 25 cents cheaper and lower from the very 1st trade. add to it, not on them have inactivity fees.

    Mirus-Zenfire - ES $4.22 CL $4.84 and $25 inactivity fee
    Optimus-Rithmic- ES $4.00 CL $4.34
    Velocity-TT- ES $3.82 CL $4.44
    AMP-CQG- ES $3.62 CL $4.24

    and for what? Zenfire? the same as rithmic. Zenfire better than TT or CQG. I doubt it...i do not see any professionals talking about zenfire. Zenfire is just another marketing play by mirus...just like the $500 credit to lure newbie traders into over playing for commissions.

    Learn from my ignorance, shop around and treat your trading as a real business.