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  1. YM is now 4.40 per roundturn, it was 3.94 before february. The CME has increased the exchange rate for the YM by 46 cents, so now you´re paying the same as for ES and NQ. Are there any brokers where you still pay significantly less than 4 dollars per roundturn as a small size trader?
  2. Looks like the CME wants to kill off the YM.

    How many RTs a month do you do? If you do more than 274 RTs a month Transact Futures charges $3.76 RT for ES, NQ and YM.
  3. I do about 300-500 rt/month. What do they charge for the first 274 contracts? Is the transact platform as fast/reliable as Ninja/Zenfire?
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    try infinity or amp futures
  5. If the CME has increased the exchange rate by 46 cents for YM I would think everyone is going to increase their commissions.

  6. Anyone compared the 2 ?
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    Try velocity they charge 3.00/rt if you can stand ninjatrader/tt.
  8. how much does velocity charge for ninja/tt on the treasuries futures?
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    I've compared the two and am still comparing them. Infinity/TransAct has good rates, and their feed is fast & excellent. Never had any execution problems YET. But I have lost the connection during trading hours at times when, luckily, I was flat. Each of those times, my connections to Ninja/Zen and IB kept going. For me, the amazing capabilities of the NinjaTrader platform trumps everything else.
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    Can't say anything about Infinity as I haven't tried them but I have been using Ninja/zen-fire with Mirus for over a year and a half and I have NEVER had their connection go down. Sure my ISP has gone down (THANKS COMCAST!!!) but none of the disconnects I've had were because of Mirus. Their reliability is 110% in my opinion based on experience.
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