Mirus lays an egg

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  1. Ninja/Zenfire/Mirus went caput for an hour today and when questioned, blamed the downtime/problem on the CME. Uh...sorry, but my other order entry backup platforms worked well as usual during this period.

    Why couldn't Mirus just fess up that the problem was theirs (or Ninja's) rather than BSing customers?

    I enjoy using NZ but I dont appreciate being lied to.
  2. Yeah I am surprised. Heard that from a few ppl. that use Zen. No bueno :( I guess it goes to show nobody is perfect. It seems that every freaking broker is having some issues in futures these days.
  3. i am confused, why would ninja trader have downtime? I have been using it for a long time and from my understanding it's nothig more than a front end gui that connects to whatever datafeed/broker source you specified. So if there is downtime/problems, it has to be on the source side no? Ninja trader itself has no dependency servers.
  4. What time was this? I was on zen/ninja with mirus all day and had no problems.
  5. Logically, you are correct. Mirus said the problem was with the CME, but that was false since X-trader was working without a glitch as was TradeStation and other brokers/platforms.

    Mirus has a problem and tried to lay it off on the CME.
  6. For what it's worth, here's the explanation they gave me regarding the problems today and yesterday (I had stuck orders/positions during the problem timeframes both days):

    "Normally the Globex B channel sends identical data as the A channel and can be used during high volume periods to make sure all ticks are captured. Monday, Globex's B channel sent huge microbursts of data that were inconsistent with the A channel data. The continued data bursts caused delayed or denied responses for orders and modifications. Once the issue was discovered, the B channel was deactivated restoring normal trading conditions. The B channel will remain inactive until some hardware and network modifications are made that will prevent exchange data issues from impeding order flow. How is this being resolved to prevent it from happening again? When this first occurred last week, Zen-Fire engineers were the ones to notify the exchange about it. They (Zen-Fire) put in place hardware and network modifications to anticipate these types of issues. Yesterday, Zen-Fire engineers caught this even faster due to the new modifications, but it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that the exchange made changes on their end to prevent it from happening in the future."

    As I understand it, the B channel is what gives the higher data rates that supplies unfiltered data to ZF, unlike to other platforms (thus the reason why other platforms didn't have the difficulties).

    In my opinion, they were not lying in describing the source of the problem.
  7. Yes it was Zen Fire feed not NT, at least I was told I don't you would have had the problem with another feed today such as TT.
  8. The problem today occurred almost exactly at 11:00 ET. If you did not have an active order or open position during the problem period, you wouldn't have noticed, since the data continued to flow to the DOM and charts like normal. It was only order transaction data that had problems.

    If you were sim trading, or just watching charts or the DOM at the time, you wouldn't have noticed a thing.
  9. I've been having the same freezing ever since upgrading from NT 6.5 1000.3 to 1000.4. Downgrading did not help.

    Live trading or sim trading makes no difference,I've done both over the past 3 weeks.

    Looks like a lot of traders are reporting the issue appears to happen with Zenfire/ Mirus?

    Would be good to find out if it's Mirus and not a Zenfire/NT issue.
  10. Who is ZenFire anyway?

    All I've been able to find is a very vanilla website with limited general information (www.zen-fire.com). No company address...nothing...very strange
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