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  1. timedraft


    Could someone clarify for me what data feeds are included with a Mirus retail account (using Ninja w/ Zen-fire)? My impression, if correct, it's only futures?

    To have both real-time and backfill data for the following would I have to subscrite for additional datafeeds? Via Mirus or directly through a data provider?

    - YM, ES, NQ?

    - DJIA, Dow 30 component stocks?

    - TICK, TRIN?

    - OEX, NDX, COMP?
  2. ram


    Mirus and AmpFutures (Ninja with ZenFire) both provide futures data only. To get Tick, Trin and indexes you can use OpenTick for $1/month. Opentick works with Ninja charts.
  3. timedraft


    Thank you for reminding me about OpenTick, Ram. I have tried it for real-time data for stocks before but didn't quite like the rt. But I will revive my OpenTick subscription for historical data. Thanks again.
  4. i think you can get TICK from yahoo's feed
  5. Have you tried IB?

  6. Only 1$/month ?! Where do I sign up ?
  7. Can you have zenfire and opentick feeds connected at the same time?
  8. timedraft


    Yes, I have... Tried to fill out their application, but had a problem with an error message popping up and stopping me from continuing after just a couple of pages... Sent them an email on Feb 28. Yesterday, got an email from the same email address (help@) with an... Application Reminder:

    Dear IB Applicant,

    Our records indicate that 10 days have passed since you began our online application process to open account XXXXXX with Interactive Brokers.

    Before experiencing the benefits that IB offers, you must complete your application... Please be advised that an uncompleted application will be deleted from the system 45 days after the start of the application...

    I didn't mean to complain about IB, but you asked for it. :) In any case, this customer service 'test' I've dediced not to bother.

    But I do appreciate your bringing IB to my attention. It seems like lots of people here at ET are quite happy with IB.
  9. timedraft


    I was wondering about that too.
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