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  1. This morning you took the breakout. It takes off and you see the green piling up then it starts to hesitate and you panic and hit the sell button. You make 15 points on YM so your happy for the moment. It hesitates for awhile then takes off again but youre afraid to get in now. It keeps on going and going and now your 15 points looks like a pittance. Now you start thinking it cant possibly go any higher so when it hesitates you throw in a short. It hesitates then takes off again and youre stopped out. Now your even. It hesitates again and you throw in another short. Again yoiur stopped out. You are now down 10 points. It hesitates again but now youre afraid to short so you watch. It starts down hesitates and goes down some more and hesitates again. After a big move up like that youre sure it will go back up again so you go long. It runs up a few ticks then starts down again and stops you out. It runs down and hesitates again and you go long again. Once more youre stopped out. Finally it hesitates but now youre afraid to buy so you sit there and watch it run back up.
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    Make a net 15 points twice a day on the YM every day. Every 4 weeks double your betting stake. Assume a start position of 1 lot. Theoretically, how much will you have accumulated at the end of 40 weeks?
  4. u got it all wrong!..he's sayin' hes makin' bout 200points a day not 15, r0r.
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    You got it all wrong.
    I was quoting Bearbelly.
  6. oh well, still shite, innit[?]
    irony wasn't meant towards u post