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    Before I make a post to one of those rent-a-coder sites, I thought I would check this group to see if anyone has used an mIRC dll to communicate with a 3rd party app such as Esignal. It's my understanding that Esignal 10 is somewhat restrictive as to which dlls will work in Windows. I've checked the libraries at mircscripts.org, mirc.net, but nothing concrete.

    Been expecting to not reinvent the wheel on this one, but I think a coder who is familiar with mIRC scripting may have to develop the dll from scratch.

    If anyone here is familar with a potential solution for esignal communicating with mIRC, I'd appreciate a post or pm.
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    What are you trying to do?

    Are you trying to send trading signals to an IRC channel and/or user(s)? If so then you may look for an IRC library that will connect directly to the IRC server vs using mIRC.

    Just a thought.
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