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  1. Anybody that followed Todd Harrison over at RealMoney might find this link interesting:


    He was an interesting writer IMO. But note that he will be charging $10/month for his market insights now (after Jan 1).
  2. $10 a month would be one of the all time bargains if Todd just reprised his column from RM days. He has a great feel for the markets and an uncanny knack for calling the direction. I will definitely be a charter member.
  3. Agreed, Todd Harrison was the best trader/writer that RM has seen.

    That RM website is still a bargin if you ask me even though Todd is greatly missed. For example, those herb greenberg articles can kill a stock when his column comes out and bashes something.

    2-3 times a month that column (usually he likes to talk down stuff)will pressure a stock more than 2-3 points and there is always a slight enough lag that you can get to it if your fast. :)
  4. DTK


    Agreed. $10 is a steal.
    It does make you wonder why $10 though. Hopefully all is going well for him at Cramer Berk.

    Option_Attack, where did you find out about this?

  5. gaj


    i believe that todd's main purpose for this is as an educational site; therefore, the low price.

    he had discussed (and i believe that it will still be this way) that college students can get free access to it, as well.

    he's still at cb...and i suspect this is his way to give something back.
  6. This should be good.
  7. yeah this sounds great......but we have to wait until December 3rd? geez, talk about a teezer!