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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by AAAintheBeltway, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. I was looking over this site and noticed that they have raised the subscriptions to $129.95 from the original $75.00. Maybe I wasn't paying attention but I don't recall any mention of this increase. Also, the site is one of those odious "auto renew" deals, where you must affirmatively cancel it. I don't think the site has lived up to its promise, so I will not be renewing.

    I like toddo but he has totally ignored numerous suggestions to improve the site. Also, the rate of posting seems to have decreased dramatically. Some of the stuff is interesting as background, but useful ideas are few and far between.
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    Recently sent Toddo an e-mail electing not to re-new. His posts just don't seem to be that beneficial to my style of trading.
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    Ditto. My subscription would have been better spent on a HOOKER! (Granted, $80 hooker might leave much to be desired... but still would have been better.)
  4. I have 2 more months of this year's subscription though...

    I wish he would go back to using the one-leg two-leg one-arm two-arm metaphor, like he did back when he was with realmoney...

    Now he refuses to give any clear indication of what he's doing in the very short-term. He simply says "long-term I'm hyperbearish, but short term anything could happen."
  5. I haven't subscribed for a few months because as said above the quality of writing has deteriorated. He never takes any suggestion someone has to offer, he has been very ambiguous with his market calls.

    Tony Dwyer is no longer writing for him. He doesn't do trivia as much as he used to.

    The best part of Todd's writing are his random thoughts.
  6. Thanks for the reminder. I had not even thought about their auto renewal policy and feel like I escaped a bullet by cancelling before they can charge the card.
  7. I find Toddo's site useful in forming a longer-term opinion of the market. Then again, I could just read Fleck at MSN and get the same advice.

    Thing is, I appreciate that Todd is not telling us what to do, not giving advice, but at the same time, he gives us absolutely no concrete idea of what HE IS doing in the short-term! He speaks of gamma and upside protection, but nothing more.

    Yes, he really was dead-wrong about the market this year: That doesn't bother me. I'm bothered by the lack of disclosure on his part as to what he's doing (how long, how short he is) in the very near-term.

    Once again, he should go back to the one-leg/two-leg/one-arm/two arm story he was using at realmoney. I found that when he had three or more appendages in the costume, he was extremely accurate, actually, as silly as that sounds.
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    Just as Cramer is an incorrigible bull, Harrison is an incorrigible bear. When they were at realmoney their biases cancelled each other out and as team they produced some really great postings & market calls. Individually IMO they are no better than other wannabe gurus.
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    Essentially Todd has been fighting the fed, a fed that has been very lucid about it's intentions. I just didn't understand that.