Minutes, ticks or volume bars?

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    For those of you who trade primarily index futures in real time, do you use minute bars, tick bars or volume bars and why? Just curious.
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  3. disagree on momentum bars, they distort the fundamental picture. just because it is the latest fad does not make it better, same as volume bars lol.

    better to get used to either tick or minute depending on item and timeframe traded.

    if you are starting out try to look at swing trading and longer bars of lets say 30 minutes and above.

    there is a saying: "your trading experience is directly proportional to the timeframe you trade in"

    (tick, volume, momentum bars are primarily used on the ultra short timeframe where you compete with the professionals and the bots, hard to win from the old hands on the job)

    good luck
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    I use constant volume bars and minute charts to daytrade. I personally like the constant volume bars because the price action (HH-HL, LL-LH) are cleaner to me. I stop using tick charts after Globex changed how they are aggregated; therefore, they will never be consistant over time.

    just my 2 cents!:)
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    Currently, my charting platform, eSignal, doesn't have momentum/range bars, but when they are available I'll determine for myself if they are useful to my trading.
  6. using eSignal tells me enough

    have a good time

  7. ============
    Like Texas size candles ,
    that would be larger than 1 minute candles.
    Like getting 1 days/5 days data on a 17 inch screen .

    However since i do not necesarily let a 5 minute candle close;
    so that could be an arument for some to use smaller candle.

    Like 60 minute candles for ES emini Support & resistance;
    actually its much faster for that than 1 minute candles

    Bottom line wisdom is profitable to direct;
    look how much clearer & cleaner 1 [one]days worth of 5 minute candles are on ES ,
    compared to 1 minute candles
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    I use volume bar for daytrading ES
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    good link!
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    How do you set volume value for each volume bar? Thanks.
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