Minus the defense spending, economy grew in 2nd quarter only .7% !

Discussion in 'Economics' started by manz66, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. manz66


    So, tax cut did not stimulate the economy, government spending ( defense spending 1.7%) did. So, are we looking at bull trap?

    My suggestion to japan is, increase defense spending by 1000%, your economy will be alright. lol.

    Deficit is good for economy. Importing from China is good for economy that will reduce inflation. So, feds can reduce interest rate. Only thing left was oil price crises, so conquer Iraq, well it is done. Great we all be happy ever after. :cool:
  2. details details. are you trying to spoil the party.lol
  3. maxpi


    I just read an article recently about how really good, high paying jobs are now being exported to India by the hundreds of thousands. Can we have a recovery without a tax and spending base?

  4. Hich paying jobs in the 90's were highly inflated. Every punk wanted 50K for writing HTML fast. Don't count that this time around it will be so easy unless a new technology similar to HTML is launched and there is a great demand for a skillful labor in this new field.