Minority Report-Paul, Nader, Bigfoot

Discussion in 'Politics' started by acronym, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know, how long (unless it already is in) how long the lesser , non-candidates votes will take to be tallied?

    Talking Nader, Ron Paul etc. Heck, never even heard of any others, for that matter.

    Presumably, Obama would have taken the infintessimal number of Nader votes, and well-did anyone, anywhere, ACTUALLY pencil in Paul?
  2. I did indeed , miss the early morning fun, such as it was, it seems.

    Hart? Garry Hart, the guy who got swift boated for a bit of yachting fun with some bikini babes, way back when?

    Is that texta......recording votes in texta....well, i mean serious, actual figures you know, not a mock up.

    No votes for bigfoot, either.....must be the diebold machines, but im actually serious, after all it was claimed (spuriously) Nader took votes from the dems in florida in 2000.

    Bollocks arguement, but where are the libertarian candidates showings of support, in this election?
    Shucks, doggone it, six months ago various peeps were saying "landslide for Paul", etc etc.

    I'm asking, what happened to the "independent", non partisan vote, basically. This should be fun........
  3. Ok, what ASSHOLE rated this thread one star? Screw you, I'm going to rate a thread for the first time, and give it 5, what a gip.

    Democracy, my ass, jesus, i was just wondering how the "independent" vote fared, and I get one star?
    Was it the bigfoot thing?
    For fucks sake.